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Science is Culture
A talk for TEDxSingapore
6 November 2015

In 2015, I spoke at TEDxSIngapore. It was their 33rd and most significant TEDxSingapore since they were founded six years ago. ‘The Undiscovered Country’ celebrated the rich diversity of ideas, talents and stories from Singapore’s past and present, and explored and asked: What latent potential lie within us and in Singapore? What runs deep within you about our past and future? What undiscovered aspects of yourself and of Singapore shall we express? What possibilities shall we imagine?

I spoke about my belief that science is a form of culture. I showed examples of where science isn’t just influencing culture; art isn’t just illustrating science, but science is actually becoming art.
The talk began with Nobel Prize laureate, Sir Harold Kroto (pictured), who had visited Singapore just a few days before the event, and had given a fantastic talk at ArtScience Museum, where I work. He eloquently said:

“There’s only one difference between art and science.
In science, the Universe is in control.
In art, you are.”

I used that as the starting point of the talk.

The talk is online here: