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ArtScience Museum, 21 May 2016
Marking the launch of Big Bang Data 

To launch the exhibition, Big Bang Data (, at ArtScience Museum in May 2016, we held a conference called, The Data Route.

I began our journey along The Data Route by retracing some of the steps that we took, as a group of curators and organisations, to arrive at the exhibition. I briefly introduced some of the ideas, people and projects which inspired us to bring this exhibition to ArtScience Museum.

The teams at CCCB and ArtScience Museum, and the curators involved in Big Bang Data have been thinking about the way that technology and data is changing the environment for some time. And we have collectively come to understand that the contemporary landscape that we’re situated within, is now information-rich, data-driven and technologised, sometimes to the point that we find it hard to locate ourselves within it.

Big Bang Data introduced us to some of the most important guides we have, for a landscape which is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate using the maps and compasses we’ve grown up with. These guides give us ways of both perceiving this changing landscape, and acting within it. I introduced a few of those guide, who feature in Big Bang Data, before handing over to the other speakers.

There’s an overview of the exhibition here: Big Bang Data