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Science and its Cultures
A talk for Society for the History of Technology 2016 Annual Meeting in Singapore.
22-26 June 2016

The Society for the History of Technology held their annual conference in Singapore in June 2016 ( SHOT is dedicated to the historical study of technology and its relations with politics, economics, labor, business, the environment, public policy, science, and the arts. Founded in 1958, the society now numbers around 1500 members and meets annually.

My talk for SHOT discussed science and its cultures, by giving examples of artists and scientists I have worked with – mostly women. I began by referencing Bruno Latour keynote, for SHOT, wherein he argued for dialogue between the arts and the sciences. He noted, “the only way to build a sensitivity to [contemporary geopolitics] is to multiply tools from science, with tools from art.” ”I have no disciplinary borders, I can quite calmly say”.

I used this as a starting point, and gave case studies of work we have featured in ArtScience Museum by Semiconductor, Donna Ong (pictured above), Lynette Wallworth and Nguyen Trinh Thi (pictured below).

I also referenced the work of:
Jane Lee & Kumari Nahappan (pictured below)
Anna Dumitriu
Kira O’Reilly
Isabelle Desjeux
Chey Chankethya
Lin Xiaofang
Eisa Jocson
Angie Seah
Angela Chong
Genevieve Chua
Melissa Kwee
Adeline Keuh