A Museum of the Future? What would that look like?

A Museum of the Future? What would that look like?
A talk for the East of West, West of East conference
17 – 19 October 2016

Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner once remarked: “We cannot change the present, but we can change the future, through the young people”.

East of West West of East was a conference convened by Para-Limes at NTU that explored barriers and resonances between East and West. Talks explored the limits of Eastern and Western ways of thinking and different concepts of change. The Western scientific way of thinking, which is expressed and conceptualized in high precision words often ignores the context in which it is framed and has hit a wall in explaining the real world. So does the Eastern way of thinking that is expressed in words that carry ambiguity and have meaning only within a context, carrying richness in interpretation but being subject to lack of precision. Both ways of thinking can co-exist in a world with a low population and large resources. But in a crowded and interconnected world, where east and west increasingly move into each other’s resource spaces, a synthesis must be found between both modes of thinking, to make sure that problems facing the whole of humanity can be effectively addressed, and that misunderstandings will not escalate into major conflicts.

I took part in a plenary session of East of West West of East that examined what aspects of “East”, “West” will stand the test of time? Which will prove transient against the tide of history and end up in museums by the time 2050 rolls around?

My talk addressed what museums, which are focused on the future, might be like, using ArtScience Museum, as a case study.

The talk is online here:

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