Delicate maneouvres in quadrant space

Delicate maneouvres in quadrant space
A talk for the Crossing Quadrant Working Group meeting
Malta, 21-24 October 2016

The Inaugural Maltese Gathering of the Crossing Quadrants Working Group ( was designed to enable sharing, reflection and conviviality in the spectacular setting of Malta. The participants gave short presentations that conveyed something quirky or fascinating about their present reality; mental prototypes; issues they have been wrestling with that they wanted to discuss; or meandering meditations on the cosmos and all it contains …

I gave a talk called ‘Delicate maneouvers in quadrant space’. The intent was to give a snapshot of some of the practitioners and programmes we have developed at ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

I referenced:
Lin Xiao Fang, artist from China (pictured below)
Yang Yongliang, artist from China (pictured above)
Zhang Dali, artist from China
Nguyen Trinh Thi, Vietnamese artist and filmmaker
Lee Wen, artist from Singapore (pictured below)
Arts Fission, dancers from Singapore (pictured below)
Alvin Pang, Writer/Poet from Singapore (pictured below)
Aaron Maniam, Writer/Poet from Singapore (pictured below)
Cheryl Chung, Foresight analyst and policy-maker from Singapore (pictured below)

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