Curating Bits Rather Than Atoms

Curating Bits Rather Than Atoms
A talk for MuseumNext Europe
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 26-28 June 2017

MuseumNext is a major global conference series on the future of museums. The European conference in Rotterdam was their biggest event to date, with museum professionals from around the world joining for three days of inspiring presentations, innovative workshops and fantastic networking.
I delivered the opening keynote of the conference, titled, Curating Bits Rather Than Atoms.
The abstract was:

At ArtScience Museum in Singapore they explore the intersection between art, science, culture and technology. They like to say it is in the place where these areas meet, that the future is made. Positioning themselves as a place to reflect on how the future might be shaping up. As a museum occupying that role, they go beyond objects. This is most keenly felt in their permanent exhibition, Future World: Where Art Meets Science. This is something of a paradox, in that it is a permanent, yet changing exhibition; one not made with objects, but rather with digital technology. It’s an exhibition of bits, rather than atoms. When bits are your material, rather than atoms, the challenge is to find creators, artists and makers who are masters of this domain. This lecture will examine how they have worked with digital artists, and technologists to create the permanent developments in ArtScience Museum.
As well as focusing on Future World, the talk will additionally outline Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure, an AR/VR exhibition made by ArtScience Museum, Google, Lenovo, and WWF.

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